Write the reaction equations: C3H8 → C6H14 → C6H13CL → C6H13OH → C6H13-O-C2H5

We carry out the following chain of reactions: C3H8 → C6H14 → C6H13CL → C6H13OH → C6H13-O-C2H5. We write down the reaction equations.

1. We get chloropropane from propane.
C3H8 + Cl2 = C3H7Cl + HCl;
We get hexane from chloropropane.
2C3H7Cl + Na = C6H14 + NaCl;

2. We get chlorhexane from hexane.
C6H14 + Cl2 = C6H13Cl + HCl.

4. Get hexanol from chlorhexane by adding sodium hydroxide.
C6H13Cl + NaOH = C6H13OH + NaCl.

5. We get the ether by means of the dehydration reaction, that is, by splitting off the water.
C6H13OH + OHC2H5 = C6H13-O-C2H5 + H2O.

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