Write the reaction equations: CH4– C2H2– CH3COH – CH3COOH– CH3COOCH3– CH3COONa

Let’s carry out the solution of the transformation chain for organic substances:
1. 2CH4 = C2H2 + 3H2 – decomposition of methane (thermal cracking), acetylene was obtained;
2. С2Н2 + Н2О = Н2С = СНОН = Н3С – СОН – acetylene hydration occurs in the presence of the HgCl2 catalyst, vinyl alcohol is released, after its isomerization, acetaldehyde is formed;
3. СН3ОН + Ag2O = CH3COOH + 2Ag – oxidation of aldehyde, reaction of a silver mirror, acetic acid is released;
4. CH3COOH + CH3OH = CH3COO – CH3 + H2O – esterification proceeds when heated in the presence of sulfuric acid, methyl acetate was formed;
5. CH3COO – CH3 + H2O = CH3COOH + CH3OH – hydrolysis, acetic acid obtained;
6. СН3СООН + NaOH = CH3COONa + H2O – exchange, sodium acetate is released.
The above processes show the connection of hydrocarbons with methane and acetylene with oxygen-containing organic substances as examples. The reaction products have practical applications, such as sodium acetate in the textile industry for dyeing fabrics.

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