Write the reaction equations: CO2- C6H12O6- C2H5OH- CH2 = CH2 | C2H5ONa

Let us write down the reaction equations for the transformation chain:
1. 6СО2 + 6Н2О = С6Н12О6 + 6О2 – the process of photosynthesis is carried out in the light in plant cells, glucose and oxygen are formed;
2. С6Н12О6 = 2С2Н5ОН + 2СО2 – fermentation of glucose occurs with the participation of yeast, ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide are released;
3. С2Н5ОН = Н2О + Н2С = СН2 – dehydration of ethanol, ethylene was obtained;
4. Н2С = СН2 + Н2О = СН3 – СН2 – ОН – ethylene hydration, ethyl alcohol was released;
5. 2С2Н5ОН + 2Na = 2C2H5 – ONa + H2 – substitutions, sodium ethylate was formed.
These reactions show the relationship between inorganic and organic substances, as well as the relationship between carbohydrates and alcohols. The reaction products find applications, for example, ethylene is used in the production of polyethylene.

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