Write the reaction equations: Silicon – Silicon oxide (4) – Sodium silicate – Silicic acid – Silicon oxide (4) – Silicon

Let’s write the equations:
1. Si + O2 = SiO2 – compound reaction, silicon oxide is obtained;
2. SiO2 + 2NaOH = Na2SiO3 + H2O – ion exchange;
3. Na2SiO3 + 2HCl = 2NaCl + H2SiO3 – ion exchange;
4. H2SiO3 = SiO2 + H2O – decomposition reaction occurs when heated;
5. SiO2 + 2Mg = Si + 2MgO – ORP occurs when heated above 1000 degrees, silicon is obtained.
Reaction products are of practical importance. Silicon oxide is used in the production of glass, industrial rubber goods. Silicon has semiconducting properties.

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