You are given an array of n integers and an integer b. How many times does the number b appear in the array?

program zz1;
const n = 20; // set the number of elements in the array
var mas: array [1..n] of integer;
i, k, b: integer;
read (b); // enter the given number
for i: = 1 to n do
mas [i]: = random (21) +1; // enter numbers into the array randomly from 1 to 20
for i: = 1 to n do
write (mas [i], ”); // display the numbers from the array to the screen
writeln; // go to a new line for output
for i: = 1 to n do
if mas [i] = b then k: = k + 1; // check if the number from the array is equal to the given one, then count this number
write (‘the number of elements equal to the given number -‘, k); // display the answer

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