50 kg of barley contains 64 feed units. How many feed units does 200 kg of barley contain?

It is known from the condition that 50 kg of barley contain 64 feed units. In order to find how many feed units contain 200 kg of barley, let’s compose and solve the proportions.
Let’s denote by the variable x the feed units of 200 kg of barley.
Now let’s make and solve the proportion.
50 kg – 64 feed units;
200 kg – x feed units.
50/200 = 64 / x;
We need to find the unknown extreme term of the proportion. To do this, we divide the product of the middle terms by the known extreme term.
x = (200 * 64) / 50 = 12800/50 = 256 feed units in 200 kg of barley.

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