Ancient people (paleoanthropes)

Neanderthals (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) lived on Earth about 300-35 thousand years ago.

Representatives of this type of people were of average height (about 155 cm) with a massive build and a large head. The brain volume was (1200-1600 cm³). They had powerful brow ridges, a protruding wide nose and a small chin, a short neck and short arms.

The structure of the vocal apparatus and the brain of the Neanderthals suggests that they could speak.

The Neanderthals used homemade tools and weapons made of stone, bone, and wood. They were engaged in gathering and hunting, lived in caves or built dwellings, made clothes from animal skins. They used fire.

They lived in small clan communities in which there was a division of responsibilities.

They buried their dead.

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