A body lying on a table is subject to a gravity force of 50 N. What is the weight of this body?

We know that the body is resting on the table.

First of all, we start with a short statement of the problem statement:

P = 50 H;

g = 10 H / kg.

You need to find:

m -?


The force with which the body acts on the support P is equal to the force of gravity, that is, we write P = F of gravity.

To find the force F of gravity, the formula F = m * g is used, where m is the mass of the body, kg, and g is the acceleration of gravity, H / kg.

Let us express the body mass from the formula:

P = m * g;

m = P / g.

We substitute the values into the formula and perform the calculations:

m = 50 N / 10 N / kg = 5 kg.

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