A body weighing 30 kg moves evenly. Determine the sliding force of the bar if the coefficient of friction is 0.45.

To find the sliding force of the bar, we project all the forces onto the ОХ axis (we assume that the bar slides on a horizontal surface): m * a = 0 = F – Ftr, from where we express: F = Ftr = μ * m * g.

Constants and variables: μ – coefficient of friction (μ = 0.45); m is the mass of the bar (m = 30 kg); g – acceleration due to gravity (g ≈ 10 m / s2).

Calculation: F = μ * m * g = 0.45 * 30 * 10 = 135 N.

Answer: The sliding force of the bar is 135 N.

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