A load weighing 48 kg is evenly lifted using a fixed block. What is its efficiency if the force applied to the rope is 600 N.

Data: uniform movement; mg is the weight of the cargo (mg = 48 kg); Fzatr – applied force (Fzatr = 600 N).

Const: g – acceleration due to gravity (g ≈ 9.81 m / s2).

To find out the efficiency of the stationary block used, consider the formula: ηx = Apol / Azatr = Fpol / Fsatr (for a stationary block) = mg * g / Fsatr.

Let’s perform the calculation: ηx = mg * g / Fzatr = 48 * 9.81 / 600 = 0.7848.

Answer: The efficiency of the fixed block used, according to the calculation, is 78.48%.

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