A person weighing 60 kg holds a box weighing 10 kg on his shoulders. With what force does a person press on the ground?

In order to determine with what force a person with a load on his shoulders presses on the surface of the Earth, it is necessary to use the gravity formula, in which:

F is the force with which the object presses on the Earth;
m1 is the mass of a person;
m2 is the weight of the cargo;
g – acceleration of free fall of the body (constant value, which is equal to 9.8 m / s ^ 2).
F = (m1 + m2) * g.

If we substitute the values from the condition into the formula, we get:

F = (60 + 10) * 9.8.

F = 70 * 9.8 = 686 N.

Answer: A man with a load presses on the Earth with a force of 686 N.

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