Angle 1 refers to angle 2 as 8 to 10, find the difference between angles 1 and 2.

The condition does not say what these angles are among themselves, which means we will solve the problem for the case if these angles are adjacent.

So, it is known that the angle 1: angle 2 is like 8: 10. In order to find the degree measure of the angles, we compose and solve the linear equation.

Remember the theorem on the sum of adjacent angles: the sum of adjacent angles is 180 °.

We introduce the coefficient of similarity k and write down the degree measure of the angles as 8k and 10k.

We get the equation:

8k + 10k = 180;

18k = 180;

k = 10.

So, the angle is 8 * 10 = 80 ° and 10 * 10 = 100 °.

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