Calculate the area of a flowerbed in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 3m, take n = 3.14

Let’s write down the formula for finding the area of a circle:

S = piR ^ 2 = pi (d / 2) ^ 2 = pid ^ 2/4;

Let’s substitute the given values and find the area of the flower bed:

ohm 3m take n = 3.1

S = 3.14 * 3 ^ 2/4 = 3.14 * 9/4 = 28.26 / 4 = 7.065 m2.

Answer: 7.065 m2.

Explanation: The area of a circle is equal to the square of the radius times pi. The radius is half the diameter. We substitute the data we know and write down the answer.

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