Calculate the mass and volume of CO2 that must be passed through the NaOH solution to obtain Na2CO3 with a mass of 26.5 g.

Formation of sodium carbonate by passing carbon dioxide through sodium hydroxide.
2NaOH + СO2 = Na2СO3 + H2O.
Determine the amount of moles of carbonate.
n (Na2CO3) = m / Mr = 26.5 g / 106 g / mol = 0.25 mol.
The number of moles of carbon dioxide will be equal to the number of moles of carbonate.
n (Na2CO3) = n (CO2) = 0.25 mol.
Mass and volume of carbon dioxide.
m (CO2) = n • Mr = 0.25 mol • 44 g / mol = 11 g.
V (CO2) = n • Vm = 0.25 mol • 22.4 mol / L = 5.6 L.

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