Calculate the volume of butane under the action of Na on 25 grams of C2H5Cl if the reaction product yield is 80%

In the process of solving the problem, we will compose the equation:
2С2Н5Cl + 2Na = C4H10 + 2NaCl – butane obtained by the Wurtz reaction;
Let’s make calculations using the formulas of substances:
M (C2H5Cl) = 64.5 g / mol;
M (C4H10) = 58 g / mol.
Let us calculate the number of moles of chloroethane if its mass is known:
Y (C2H5Cl) = m / M = 25 / 64.5 = 0.38 mol.
Let’s make a proportion according to the equation:
0.38 mol (C2H5Cl) – X mol (C4H10);
-2 mol – 1 mol from here, X mol (C4H10) = 0.38 * 1/2 = 0.19 mol.
Find the volume of butane:
V (C4H10) = 0.19 * 22.4 = 4.25 l.
Answer: The volume of butane is 4.25 liters.

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