Calculate the volume of nitrogen obtained from 200 liters of air if the volume fraction of nitrogen in the air is 78%

We make up the proportion in which the total volume of air (V) is written as 100%, and the unknown volume of nitrogen (N2) is written as the unknown value of x.

In this case, 200 liters of air would be 100% the same as x liters of nitrogen would be 78%.

We get the following equality:

200/100% = x / 78%.

We multiply the extreme terms of the proportion among ourselves.

78 * 200 = 100 * x.

15600 = 100 * x.

We express the volume of nitrogen x.

x = 15600/100 = 156 liters.


The volume of nitrogen in 200 liters of air is 156 liters.

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