Calculate the water pressure at the bottom of one of the deepest sea trenches at a depth of 10900m. Density of seawater 1030kg.m3

h = 10900 m
p (density ro) = 1030 kg / m3
g = 9.8 m / s2 (table value in SI)
Find: p-? (pressure)
Formula: p = g * p (density) * h- is solved by Pascal’s formula
p = 9.8 m / s2 * 1030 kg / m3 * 10900 m = 110024600 kg / (m * s2) = 110024600 Pa = 110 MPa (to check the SI we write (m * m * kg) / (s2 * m3) = kg / (m * s2) = PA, it turns out PA, the units are correct)
Answer: at a depth of 10900m with a seawater density of 1030 kg / m3, the water pressure at the bottom will be 110 MPa

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