Carry out the transformation: methane-chloromethane -ethane-ethene -ethanol-ethanal-ethanoic

Carry out the transformation  methane-chloromethane-ethane-ethene-ethanol-ethanal-ethanoic acid-ethyl alcohol of acetic acid

1) When methane interacts with chlorine, chloromethane and hydrochloric acid are formed:

CH4 + Cl2 → CH3Cl + HCl;

2) Chloromethane reacts with metallic sodium, during which it turns out – ethane and sodium chloride:

2CH3Cl + 2Na → C2H6 + 2NaCl;

3) Ethane decomposes into ethene and hydrogen:

C2H6 → C2H4 + H2 ↑;

4) Ethene, when interacting with water, forms ethanol:

C2H4 + H2O → C2H5OH;

5) Ethanol tends to react with copper (II) oxide, in the process of the presented reaction, it turns out – ethanal, pure copper and water:

C2H5OH + CuO → CH3CHO + Cu + H2O;

6) Ethanal is one of the few substances that enters into the reaction of the silver mirror, how the reaction products are obtained – acetic acid and silver precipitate:

CH3CHO + Ag2O → CH3COOH + 2Ag ↓;

7) Acetic acid, when interacting with ethanol, gives as a reaction product – ethyl ester of acetic acid and water:



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