Carry out the transformation: sulfur – sulfur oxide (4) – sulfurous acid – calcium sulfite

In this task it is necessary to write down the equation of chemical reactions.
S -> SO2 -> H2SO3 -> CaSO3.

1. Compound reaction or combustion reaction.
S + O2 = SO2.
When sulfur interacts with oxygen, the result is sulfur oxide.

2. Connection reaction.
SO2 + H2O = H2SO3.
When sulfur oxide interacts with water, the result is sulfurous acid.

3. Reaction of exchange.
H2SO3 + CaCl2 = CaSO3 + 2HCl.
when sulfurous acid interacts with calcium chloride, the result is calcium sulfite and hydrochloric acid. Calcium sulfite is a precipitate.

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