Compare the troops, the scale of the conquests of the pharaohs and the Assyrian kings.

The bulk of the Assyrian army was made up of infantry, armed with bows, iron swords and slings, spears and battle axes. The infantrymen were protected by shields reinforced with iron plates. The cavalry units consisted of warriors, horsemen, also armed with spears or bows, and war chariots. The Assyrians had siege engines moving on wheels – battering rams. With their help, they broke through the fortress walls and gates during the siege of cities. If it was necessary to cross the river, the Assyrian warriors used special leather bags filled with air. Detachments of infantrymen, archers, spearmen fought in the Egyptian army. They were armed with spears, bows and arrows, darts, axes, maces. The shields were made of wood. The body was protected by the armor of their leather strips, sometimes reinforced with bronze plates. Each squad fought with one or two weapons.

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