Description of the Troubles (1598-1505) Boyarsky? (Participants, what happened, reasons and attitude)

The interrupted reign of the Kalita dynasty in 1598. set in motion all segments of the population. In Russia it was believed that only a born, hereditary king could be a real tsar. The elected king was fake and absurd for the common people. Therefore, the election of Boris Godunov as Tsar at the Zemsky Sobor called into question its legality. The appearance of impostors, even with an invented relationship with the departed ruling dynasty, put them above the elected king among the people.

The dissatisfaction of the highest boyars with Godunov’s rule marked the beginning of the turmoil. The highest boyars conspired against Godunov and called him to the kingdom in 1605. False Dmitry ǀ, who was soon killed and made king of his boyar Vasily Shuisky. The provincial nobility and the middle boyars opposed Shuisky. They raised an uprising and nominated a new impostor, False Dmitry ǁ, as tsars. The lower strata of the population were also dissatisfied with their position, began to revolt against their oppressors, participated in Bolotnikov’s campaign against Moscow and supported False Dmitry ǁ. The impostor was very popular among the people and many Russian cities swore allegiance to him. Vasily Shuisky was overthrown in 1610. The higher nobility, in order not to admit False Dmitry ǁ, supported by the lower classes, to the throne, called the prince Vladislav, the son of the Polish king Sigismund, to the tsar. The country was flooded with armed detachments of Poles. The highest boyars swore allegiance to Vladislav. An armed struggle for the throne began between the supporters of False Dmitry ǁ and Vladislav. In December 1610. False Dmitry ǁ was killed. After the death of the impostor, Russian cities began to write off each other and prepare the militia for a campaign against Moscow in order to expel the Poles.

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