Determine the distance between adjacent troughs of waves propagating at a speed of 0.8 m / s, if the vibration frequency is 11 Hz

V = 0.8 m / s.

v = 11 Hz.

λ -?

The distance between the two nearest crests or troughs is called the wavelength and is denoted by the letter λ. This is the smallest distance between the points of the wave that oscillate in the same phase.

The speed of wave propagation in the medium V is determined by the product of the wavelength λ by its frequency v: V = λ * v.

The wavelength λ will be the ratio of the wave velocity V to its frequency v: λ = V / v.

λ = 0.8 m / s / 11 Hz = 0.073 m.

Answer: the distance between adjacent wave troughs is λ = 0.073 m.

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