Determine the mass of calcium oxide, which is formed during the decomposition of 20 g of calcium carbonate.

The decomposition reaction of calcium carbonate is described by the following chemical reaction equation:

CaCO3 = CaO + CO2;

From 1 mole of chalk, 1 mole of calcium oxide is synthesized. This releases 1 mole of carbon dioxide.

Let’s calculate the chemical amount of available limestone.

M CaCO3 = 40 + 12 + 16 x 3 = 100 grams / mol;

N CaCO3 = 20/100 = 0.2 mol;

The same amount of calcium oxide will be obtained.

We calculate the weight of 0.2 mol of calcium oxide.

M CaO = 40 + 16 = 56 grams / mol;

m CaO = 0.2 x 56 = 11.2 grams;

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