Determine the mass of gold if the gold ring weighs 5 grams and the mass fraction of gold is 58.5%

In order to solve the problem, we need to create a condition.


m (rings) – 5 grams.

ω (Au) – 58.5%


m (Au) -?


This problem can be solved knowing the formula for finding the mass fraction of a substance

ω = m1 / m х 100%, therefore, we redo the formula, where we do not know one of the masses,

m = m1 * ω / 100 = 5 * 58.5 / 100 = 2.925 grams of Au (gold in the ring).

Answer: The ring provided to us weighing 5 grams, 585 samples, pure gold contains 2.925 grams.

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