Determine the mass of the box with the tool, creating a pressure of 5000 Pa, if the dimensions of the box base are 50×30 cm.

We translate the dimensions of the base into the SI system:
50×30 cm = 0.5×0.3 m.
The expression for determining pressure depending on the force of pressure has the form:
p = F / S, where F is the force of pressure on the plane, S is the area of the plane.
We have S = 0.5 * 0.3, and the pressure force is the weight of the box.
Weight expression:
P = m * g
Substitute this into the pressure expression:
p = F / S = m * g / S
Let us express the mass from this expression:
m = p * S / g
Substitute the numerical values and determine the mass:
m = p * S / g = 5000 * 0.5 * 0.3 / 9.8 = 76.5 kg.
Answer: the mass of the box with the tool is 76.5 kg.

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