Determine the oxidation states of the elements in the following compounds: XeO₄, K₂Cr₂O₇

In order to determine the oxidation state of the elements into the XeO4 compound, you need to know that O (Oxygen) in the compounds has an oxidation state of -2. Then we multiply -2 by 4. As a result, Xe will have an oxidation state of +8. In K₂Cr₂O₇, in the same way we write the degree of oxygen (-2), this number is multiplied by 7. This will be 14. Potassium almost always has an oxidation state of +1. To find out what is the oxidation state in Cr, you need to multiply the oxidation state and equate it to zero. Toist (+ 1 * 2) + (2X) + (- 2 * 7) = 0
2 + 2X-14 = 0
2X = 12
X = 6. by this method we found out the oxidation state of Cr.

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