Determine the pressure that a surface of 100 cm2 experiences under the action of a force of 100N

From the condition, we know the following values – the surface area is 100 cm ^ 2 and the force that acts on this surface is 100 N.

Let’s write down briefly given:

S = 100 cm ^ 2 = 0.01 m ^ 2;

F = 100 N.


p (pressure acting on the surface) -?


Let’s apply the formula for calculating the pressure of solids:

p = F / S,

where S is the support area,

F – pressure force (N).

We know all the values from the problem statement and the area is converted to SI. It remains to substitute the values and calculate:

p = 100 / 0.01 = 10,000 Pa = 10 kPa.

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