Determine the traction force of a car weighing 4 tons if the speed increases by 10 m / s in 10 s.

In order to find the traction force, it is necessary to write down the general formula for the force:

F = ma,

where m is body weight,

a – its acceleration.

This force is equal in modulus to the traction force:

Fт = F = ma.

Let’s write down the formula for finding the amount of acceleration of the car:

a = (u – u0) / t = Δu / t.

Let’s substitute the value of acceleration in the formula for the thrust force:

Fт = ma = mΔu / t.

Let’s calculate the value of the traction force:

Ft = 4000 * 10/10 = 4000 N.

Answer: 4000 N.

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