Determine the width of the river CC1, if the distances are known AB = 50 m, AB1 = 32m, AC1 = 36m, angle B = angle B1.

In the condition, we are not given a drawing, although it will not be difficult to find it on the Internet.

The condition says that the length of the distances AB = 50 m, AB1 = 32 m, AC1 = 36 m, angle B = angle B1 are known.

And we need to find the fly of the CC1 river.

Let’s consider two triangles ABC and AB1C1. They are equal according to the third sign of equality of triangles: angle A is common, angles B and B1 are equal by condition.

Then we can write the relation:

AC / AC1 = AB / AB1;

AC = 56.25 m.


CC1 = AC – AC1 = 56.25 – 36 = 20.25 meters.

Answer: The width of the river is 20.25 meters.

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