Domestic and foreign policy of France in the 19th century at the end?

The 70s of the 19th century became the starting point for the weakening of France in the international arena. The defeat in the war with Prussia led to the loss of a leading position in Europe. The main directions of development of France was the expansion of the territory of the state due to military conflicts of other rival states.

Foreign policy:
• Capture of Tunisia (1881);
• Occupation of Guinea, Sinegal (1891-1896);
• Rapprochement with England – signing of an agreement on the spheres of ownership (1904);
• Rapprochement with Russia due to the creation of the “Triple Alliance”.

Domestic policy:
• Recognition of France as a republic by the National Assembly in 1875;
• Creation of a number of democratic laws;
• Strengthening the social order in the French Republic.

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