During the roasting of zinc sulfide, 0.5 mol of zinc oxide was obtained. What volume of sulfur oxide was formed?

Let’s implement the solution in stages:
1. Let’s compose the reaction equation:
2ZnS + 3O2 = 2ZnO + 2SO2 – redox reaction, the burning of zinc sulfate leads to the formation of sulfur oxide (4);
2. Let us give a record of the proportion using the data according to the equation:
0.5 mol (ZnO) – X mol (SO2);
– 2 mol -2 mol from here, X mol (SO2) = 0.5 * 2/2 = 0.5 mol;
3. Let’s calculate the volume of sulfur oxide, applying Avogadro’s law:
V (SO2) = 0.5 * 22.4 = 11.2 liters.
Answer: when roasting zinc sulfate, 11.2 liters are released. sulfur oxide (4).

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