Explain if plants can protect themselves from animals.

I think many plants are good at protecting themselves from animals, and each of us has faced the most unpleasant consequences of such protection.

For example, roses, wild rose, acacia, cacti protect themselves with needles. These needles prevent animals, including humans, from picking flowers ahead of time, trampling plants, breaking branches. But if a person always finds a way to pick a flower he likes, then animals prefer to bypass the thorns.

Another effective method of protection is herbal poisons. Many plants are poisonous to animals, or a specific part of the plant turns out to be poisonous. For example, nightshade has poisonous fruits, but only until they are ripe. After all, otherwise it would hinder its spread.

Plants also protect themselves in other ways – strong bark, phytoncides, unpleasant odor, height and growth rate, foliage arrangement, deep roots.

If plants could not defend themselves, we would hardly have observed such a variety of plants as we see now.

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