Find the area of triangle ABC, if known: AB = 3√2 cm, AC = 4 cm and angle A is 45 degrees

In order to find the area of a triangle, the two sides of which are 3√2 cm and 4 cm, and the angle between them is 45 °.

Let’s first of all recall the formula for finding the area of a triangle through two sides and the angle between them.

The formula looks like this:

S = 1/2 * a * b * sin (α).

The area of a triangle is equal to half the product of the sides and the sine of the angle between them.

We remembered the formula, we just have to substitute the values and calculate.

S = 1/2 * 3√2 * 4 * sin (45 °) = 1/2 * 3√2 * 4 * 1 / √2 = 12√2 / 2√2 = 6 cm2.

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