Find the length of the arc of a circle if R = 3.5 cm, and the degree measure of the angle is 95 (degrees).

From the condition, we know that the radius of the circle is 3.5 cm, and we also know that the degree measure of the corresponding central angle (most likely, since the condition is not complete) is 95 °.

We need to find the length of the circular arc.

To do this, we will apply the formula:

l = (n * R) / 180 ° * n °,

where n is the degree measure of the central angle of the circle corresponding to the arc.

In our case, its measure is equal to 95 °.

The number n = 3.14.

Substitute the values and calculate:

l = (3.14 * 3.5) / 180 ° * 95 ° = 5.8 cm. approximately equal.

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