Find the pressure of a boy weighing 70 kg on a sole with an area of 2 cm ^ 2

The pressure formula is as follows p = F / S, where p is the pressure (unit of measurement – Pa (pascal) or N / m2), F – force (unit of measurement – N (newton)), S – area to which this strength (m²).

The boy’s weight is the force with which he acts on the support (in our case, on the sole).

This force is equal in magnitude to the force of gravity, which is expressed by the formula – F t = mg, where F t is the force of gravity, m is the mass of the body, g is the acceleration of gravity (for ease of calculation, we will round its value to 10 m / s²).

Its dimension is expressed in (kg * m) / s² or in N (“newtons”).

Then the boy’s weight will be 700 N.

The area on which the boy “presses” with his weight will be equal –

S = (0.02 m) ² = 0.0004 m² (in 1 square meter – 10,000 square centimeters).

Hence, p will be equal to – 700 N / 0.0004 m² = 1750 kPa or 1.75 MPa.

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