Find the unknown sides of the triangle, if the perimeter is 93 mm, one side is 3cm7mm and the other is 2cm9mm.

The perimeter of a triangle is equal to the sum of the lengths of the sides of the triangle:

P = a + b + c.

Before solving the problem, let’s translate all these values to one unit of measurement – millimeters, so that it is easier for us to count:

3 cm 7 mm = 37 mm, 2 cm 9 mm = 29 mm. (1 cm = 10 mm).

Knowing the two sides and the perimeter, we find the third side, substituting the known values into the formula:

Let’s solve the equation: 93 = a + 66, hence a = 93 – 66 = 27.

Answer: the side of the triangle is 27 mm or 2 cm 7 mm.

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