Find the value for x. at which the function y = 7.5x +11 takes a value equal to 3.5

In order to find the value of x in the function y = 7.5 * x + 11 at y = 3.5, you need to substitute the value of y into the function itself and solve the equation with an unknown value of x.

y = 7.5 * x + 11;

3.5 = 7.5 * x + 11;

Since, you need to find the unknown in the equation, then we separate it from the known numbers, that is, we transfer it to one side. The rest of the numbers are on the opposite side of the unknown. When transferring numbers, we take into account that their sign changes to the opposite sign.

7.5 * x = 3.5 – 11;

7.5 * x = -7.5;

x = -7.5 / 7.5;

x = -1;

Answer: x = -1.

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