Find the value of the argument at which the function y = -5x + 11 takes the value 0.2.

In order to find at what value of the argument the function given by the equation y = -5x + 11 takes a value equal to 0.2, we will compose and solve the equation.

So, we must substitute y = 0.2 into the equation of the function and solve the resulting equation with respect to the variable x.

0.2 = -5x + 11;

We got a linear equation. We group the terms with and without variables in different parts of the equation:

5x = 11 – 0.2;

5x = 10.8;

x = 10.8: 5;

x = 2.16.

At x = 2.16, the function y = -5x + 11 takes on a value of 0.2.

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