Find the volume and surface area of a cube whose edge length is 150 cm.

The formula for the volume of a cube: V = a ^ 3 = a • a • a

The formula for the surface area of a cube: S = 6 • h ^ 2 = 6 • h • h

In the above formulas, “a” denotes the edge of the cube, and “h” denotes the height of the cube (or the edge of the cube, since in a cube the height is equal to the length and width).

It is known that the length of the rib is 150 centimeters. Now you need to replace the letters in the formulas with the values given in the problem statement. However, before that, it is better to immediately convert centimeters to meters for convenience. 1 m = 100 cm, then 150 cm = 1.5 m

V = 1.5 ^ 3 = 3.375 cc m.

S = 6 • 1.5 ^ 2 = 13.5 sq. m.

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