Getting salts. Genetic relationship between the classes of inorganic compounds. C – CO2 – H2CO3 – CaCO3.

Salts can be obtained in several ways. Any particular method chosen depends on whether the salts are soluble or not. Soluble salts are prepared by methods that involve crystallization, while insoluble salts are prepared by methods that involve precipitation.

1. Obtaining salts by the action of acid on the metal. This method is used to obtain soluble salts. For example, granular zinc is added to a dilute solution of tetraoxosulfate (VI) acid – hydrogen boils. The solution is filtered, leaving insoluble impurities such as excess zinc and carbon particles on the filter paper. Then ZnSO4 is crystallized from solution.

2. Obtaining salts by double decomposition. This method is used to obtain insoluble salts. It involves the reaction between two soluble compounds to produce one soluble and one insoluble product. Among the products, insoluble salt is important, which is obtained when it falls out of solution.

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