Give an example of an object made from different substances

Let’s not go far, almost every day, or even hourly, each of us uses one or another electronic gadget: smartphones, e-books, laptops and the like. Throughout the day, we come into contact with a great abundance of household items, but few people think about what they consist of. Let’s take a look at the main components of several items, the ones we definitely use.

Substances in the smartphone
Let’s take a look at the main parts:

the body is often made of polymers: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or polycarbonate. Also metal cases made of lightweight aluminum;
electronic board made of conductive foil: copper, aluminum or nickel, sprayed on polyimidine or polyester;
a screen, now made of glass or plexiglass, under which there is a layer of liquid crystals, for example, from para-azoxyanisole;
battery, the most common lithium.
Substances in the sandwich
Do we pay attention to the foods we eat? For example, a sandwich, completely simple, no frills, made from a slice of bread and a piece of sausage, contains:

flour, its main component is starch;
salt and sugar, sodium chloride and sucrose or glucose, and maybe fructose;
flavors, for example, the familiar vanillin;
flavor enhancers, glutamate or sodium guanylate;
dyes, riboflavins, carotenes and a great many other substances.
It turns out that if you think about it, then at hand it is quite possible to find a huge amount of substances consisting of almost all known chemical elements.

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