Given an array A (n). Find the sum of elements in even places and the product of elements that are multiples of 3.

program zz1;
const n = 5; // set the number of elements in the array
var i, s, p: integer; // set variables of integer type
m: array [1..n] of integer;
for i: = 1 to n do // get n random numbers and write them into an array
m [i]: = random (51);
for i: = 1 to n do // display the resulting array on the screen
write (m [i], ”);
writeln; // go to a new line to display the response
for i: = 1 to n do
if i mod 2 = 0 then s: = s + m [i]; // get the sum
p: = 1;
for i: = 1 to n do
if m [i] mod 3 = 0 then p: = p * m [i]; // get the product
writeln (‘the sum of elements in even places =’, s); // display the answer
write (‘product of elements multiples of three =’, p);

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