Given an array X (N). Find the smallest element if it is negative, replace all elements of the array with their modules.

program zz1;
const n = 10; // set the number of numbers in the array
var i, min: integer; // set variables of integer type
m: array [1..n] of integer;
for i: = 1 to n do // organize a loop in which we enter n given numbers from the keyboard into the array
read (m [i]);
min: = 1,000,000; // set the initial value for the minimum element
for i: = 1 to n do // organize a loop in which we iterate over all the numbers in the array
if m [i] <min then min: = m [i]; // check if the number from the array is less than the minimum, then write it to the minimum

if min <0 then for i: = 1 to n do m [i]: = abs (m [i]); // check if the minimum element is negative, then replace all array elements with their modules

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