Highlight the signs by which you can compare round and flatworms. compare and fill in the table

1) The presence of felling rings and a food tube passing through the whole body.
2) Radiation symmetry – the organelles of the worm above, below, and on the sides repeat each other
3) Nutrition is essentially independent, in the majority – useful organisms (symbionts).
A typical example of a roundworm is an earthworm.

1) The presence of a primitive chewing-grasping apparatus and food bag
2) Dual or bilateral symmetry – worm organelles repeat each other only on the left and right
3) Eating the dominant carrion or parasitizing on other organisms
A typical example of a flatworm is the roundworm.

There are four main differences.
First, a primary body cavity has appeared in roundworms, while flat worms do not.
The other is that in roundworms a through intestine has an anus, in flat worms it is closed, the opening is only oral.
Third, roundworms are dioecious, and flatworms are hermaphrodites
Fourth, roundworms have only longitudinal muscles in the skin-muscle sac, and they cannot shorten the body, while flatworms also have transverse and circular muscles.

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