How can you explain the strengthening of autocratic power under the first Romanovs?

The Romanovs came to power at the end of the Time of Troubles. As a result of internecine wars, the noble families were either completely exterminated or fell into decay. In this sense, the Romanov family stood out from other families: although they were persecuted in times of trouble, they were still a large family with the support of the church (a relative was listed in a high church position), which was very important for gaining power in Russia.

Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, in a decree of 1654, consolidated the concept of “autocrat” in the final version, which eliminated all sorts of rumors and strengthened the position of the family in power. The idea of ​​autocracy embodied a set of postulates: the best form of government, the divine origin of monarchs, Orthodoxy, the continuity of the power of Russian princes, and others. Service to the king gradually came to be seen as service to God. In order not to equate royal power with Divine power, restrictions were introduced: the ideal Orthodox monarch had to be meek, noble, merciful, God-fearing, dignified. It was these features that the first Romanovs possessed, for which they won the favor and veneration of the people.

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