How did Justinian strengthen the country’s unity?

The rule of Justinian in Byzantium was characterized by a large number of foreign mercenaries. People from different countries (Normans, Rusichi, Thracians, etc.) arrived in Byzantium and they were formed by divisions of troops. The army was the main force and support of Basileus. In each province, the emperor appointed a governor who carefully monitored the people and meticulously collected taxes, as well as tracked those dissatisfied with the government, who were tortured and killed, after confessions. Justinian also paid tribute to hostile peoples, thereby deflecting the threat of attack from the state. And the famous Basileus got along well with the clergy, and therefore he was recognized as a “saint” (as he, his wife and inner circle were depicted on frescoes). Therefore, ordinary people, and not only ordinary people, were afraid to even think something against the Greatest. That’s the whole point of strengthening the country. And at the same time, all the unreasonable management of the state and constantly growing taxes.

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