How did the earliest people get food?

Procuring food for the ancient people was difficult and sometimes deadly. Cattle breeding and agriculture did not exist yet, however, people already knew some properties of plants and had the skills of hunting and fishing. According to research results, scientists have identified 4 main types of food extraction in ancient people:
1. Collecting plants for the purpose of eating them. Collecting edible fruits and leaves did not require long and grueling hours of chase (like hunting). The plant foods did not require any heat treatment. The only drawback was that it was possible to find such food only in the warm season, and its calorie content was significantly inferior to meat.
2. Hunting. Hunting was laborious because there were no guns or even arrows at that time. Our ancestors had to chase an animal for hours before catching it.
3. Fishing. Fishing was not as dangerous as hunting, but this activity also took time and skill. Crawling crayfish, crabs and other landlocked aquatic creatures was much easier, but they contained less “meat”.
4. Digging. With the help of sticks, ancient people dug out the roots of plants and mushrooms. Such plant foods were the most nutritious, but finding it was not an easy task.

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