How do I find the pressure I am applying to the floor if my mass is 47 kg and the area of two soles is 400 cm2.


m = 47 kilograms – the mass of a person;

g = 9.8 meters per second squared – gravitational acceleration;

S = 400 square centimeters – the area of a person’s soles.

It is required to determine P (Pascal) – the pressure that a person exerts on the floor.

We convert the units of measurement of area from square centimeters to square meters:

S = 400 cm2 = 400 * 10-4 = 0.04 square meters.

Let’s find the force of gravity acting on a person:

F = m * g = 47 * 9.8 = 460.6 Newton.

Then the pressure will be equal to:

P = F / S = 460.6 / 0.04 = 11515 Pascal = 11.5 kPa.

Answer: the pressure is 11.5 kPa.

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