How do the ancient Greeks differ from the ancient Egyptians?

Ancient Greece is very different from Ancient Egypt. It is easier to name features of similarity than differences, but nevertheless they differ:
culture, mythology, religion and so on;
location: Ancient Greece was located partially on the islands; It is washed by the sea on three sides, while Ancient Egypt is a purely continental state, moreover, it is located in the desert zone, where there is little rainfall and an arid climate. Hence comes the difference in the management of the economy, the life of the citizens of both countries;
architecture: Greek architecture was more advanced;
Ancient Greece was characterized by a polis system.
From myself I will add: the ancient Greeks were smarter than the ancient Egyptians. It is not known what this is related to. They began to take an interest in the world around them quite early on, study phenomena, assess them, and so on. It was with the Hellenes that most of the modern sciences began to emerge.

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