How does a person become indifferent? is it really necessary to be afraid of the indifferent?

Indifference, in my opinion, borders on cowardice. A person is afraid to express his opinion, he becomes isolated, does not want to run into a conflict once again. Indifference pervades our society as a red thread. We should be afraid of indifferent people. First, they are completely useless. Such individuals will not benefit, because they do not care for everyone except themselves. And secondly, indifferent people will never come to your aid. They just don’t want to get dirty in your grief once again. Life itself can make a person indifferent, which is sometimes so generous in blows and suffering.

One of the components of a person's success in our time is receiving modern high-quality education, mastering the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for life in society. A person today needs to study almost all his life, mastering everything new and new, acquiring the necessary professional qualities.